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The complicated social norms around vaping in public are becoming more and more crucial to comprehend as the practice grows in popularity. To keep yourself and everyone around you safe and comfortable, these guidelines are advised even though they aren’t necessarily required for novice or seasoned vapers.

We’ve compiled our best e-cigarette dos and don’ts for when you’re out and about.

Be considerate of others

The most significant rule is this one. While vaping differs from cigarette smoking, not everyone enjoys the company of those who smoke any vapor-producing product.

You should also exercise caution when selecting your e-liquid in a public setting. E-juice, sometimes called vape juice, comes in a fantastic variety of flavors that improve the vaping experience. Many selections fit every personality, ranging from sophisticated flavors like coffee cake and Turkish baklava to pleasant flavors like mixed berries, apples, and peaches. Some fragrances could be too intense for some people to wear in public.

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‘Respect people’s personal space

Standing too close to someone can occasionally be a problem. Even while they might not mind what you’re doing in general, if you stand too close, they will probably be breathing in more of the vapor clouds than if you were farther away. The general population may also have misconceptions about vaping, believing it to be just as dangerous as smoking regular cigarettes. This is untrue, and a lot of people who vape do so because they have given up smoking cigarettes due to their struggles with nicotine addiction.

Keep your vape products clean

This holds significance for every user. To avoid the formation of harmful bacteria and to eliminate residue, make sure you clean your vape goods regularly. This covers other devices, such as refillable box mods and vape pens. More often than not, sweet e-juice flavors clog coils more quickly, leaving behind an off-putting aftertaste that overwhelms the flavor of any e-liquid.

Clean the area around the battery, drip tip, and heating element (atomizer). This will make vaping more enjoyable by enabling your device to operate at peak efficiency every time. If you use the gadget occasionally, try cleaning it once every two weeks for moderate users. Usually once a week, heavy users will need to clean them more frequently.

Ask permission before vaping

Getting into the habit of asking permission before lighting up your e-cigarette in public is a good one. Although it might seem pointless, asking this question allows anyone nearby the option to move away from you or decline to avoid breathing in the vapor while they are standing next to you.

Disposable vape devices correctly.

You must know how to properly dispose of your equipment and its parts after using it for the last time. Don’t just dump them in a public area and let someone else clean them up!

Once you have cleaned the outside of the device and removed any traces of e-liquid, you can dispose of vape pods in a regular waste receptacle. Regarding glass e-juice bottles, we advise washing them to get rid of any residue and recycling them. Additionally, you can recycle plastic e-juice bottles at home or in public spaces.

If you take out the cotton and quickly wash the coils with water, you can recycle vape coils. Tanks are recyclable as well. To ensure the metal components are clean before entering, remove the glass from them and wash away any remaining e-liquid.

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