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Benefits of Vape Over Cigarettes

Benefits of Vape Over Cigarettes

Most lifelong smokers want to quit smoking, and in recent decades, vaping has been a helping tool to quit smoking. The vape was invented to replace conventional smoking. It came out of the market in the early 2000s and became famous in 2010. Since then, there have been many variations of vaping available that you can try. There are specific flavors, number of puffs, dab temperatures, nicotine content, and machine settings – all according to your preference.

If you are a long-time smoker and want to quit smoking, vaping might be a helpful choice. You may have scanned through many studies and have come across this article in hopes of being convinced about how and why you should quit smoking. It is such a powerful baby step in your way to being and staying smoke-free.


Vaping vs. Smoking

Vaping costs vs. cigarette costs

E-cigarettes and vapes might look expensive, but smoking conventional cigarettes will cost you more than vaping. Here in Dubai, you can buy a vape or any other e-cigarette for as low as 40 Dirhams, giving you 2500 puffs. Conventional cigarettes cost 20 Dirhams for one pack containing 20 sticks – which clearly cannot give you even just a thousand puffs.

The prices are considered on average since various vapes and cigarettes are on display in convenience stores and on the internet. The prices of vapes and e-cigarettes can go up to as high as 500 Dirhams depending on the e-juice, the tank, and the mod/battery. In the same sense, conventional cigarettes can cost higher depending on their quality. Nevertheless, if we do the math, vapes can be more economical than cigarettes.


Vaping health dangers vs. cigarette health dangers

Although both are harmful to your health, vapes were created to have fewer damaging effects on your body than conventional cigarettes. In vapes, you can decide how much nicotine content you would use in your e-juice. That’s right. You can even choose to have 0% nicotine content! Whereas in cigarettes, one pack may contain approximately 255 mg of nicotine, acetone, ammonia, butane, arsenic (which, by the way, is used in many bug killers), and tar, to name a few carcinogenic chemicals and substances.

Some e-juices may contain up to 15 mg of nicotine per 15 puffs, but it does not contain the harmful chemicals mentioned above. Most e-juices have a very conservative ingredient list composed of glycol, glycerine, nicotine salt, and flavoring. That’s without bug killers, fungicides, and nail polish removers.

Aesthetical point of view

Let’s be honest. Cigarette smoking doesn’t look cool at all. By looking at someone smoking, you can smell that bitter odor on their fingers, breath, and clothes. What’s more, this foul smell stays pretty strong even after you wash your hands. And that’s not ideal when you have to get into a closed room or a car. Bringing this unpleasant cigarette smoke odor with you can influence others’ perceptions of you.

On the other hand, vapes and e-cigarettes come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can put it in your bag, purse, or pocket. You can make it matching with your outfit if you want to. Additionally, unlike conventional cigarettes, they have more pleasant scents. It won’t make you stink and smell foul. Also, vapes puff cloudy smokes with a smell that matches their flavor. Various fruity, chocolatey, minty, and any other flavors you can think of are available in the market.


Hand-to-mouth addiction

Moving your hand up, breathing in, and then moving it down to breathe out is a hard habit to break. Most people smoke out of stress. Sometimes, they subconsciously pick up a cigarette stick, light it up, and move their hands up and down. They get used to this habit which might have fuelled their want to smoke even when things are chill. Therefore, being mindful of this habit might help you control your urge to pick a cigarette.

Try new things with the same motion as picking up a cigarette, like switching to vapes and e-cigarettes. If you want an abrupt change without vaping, drinking from a water bottle is a famous alternative. It requires you to exert an effort to open the lid, and it may be the same effort as clicking a lighter. Think how similar it is to smoking – hand up, breathing in, hand down, breathing out. Other options can be chewing a piece of sugar-free gum and crunching healthy crackers or chips. You can always choose which alternatives you can commit to.


The point of it all – quitting smoking

Nicotine is the addicting ingredient in cigarettes which makes you light up another one every time. Therefore, opting for a vape with more controlled nicotine may help you transition from smoking like a chimney to not smoking. And then, you can gradually start your way to being smoke-free. Many ways lead to this road; it’s hard, yes, but believe that you can help yourself. Practicing your self-control matters more every time the impulse hits you to light up a cigarette. Reaching out for professional help is also a great way. Finally, only you can decide if you continue smoking carcinogens, transition to vaping, or quit for good.


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