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China-based VEIIK MICKO is a company specializing in creating disposable vapes. They are a cutting-edge, ergonomic smoking gadget with flavored cotton filler filled with steel and plastic.

The brand is well-liked by customers and suppliers and holds a dominant position in the international market. The cigarettes’ exceptional quality, distinctive flavors, and fashionable design make smoking fun. Health safety will be ensured by low salt/nicotine content and the lack of combustion products!

The VEIIK MICKO disposable vape may last between 400 and 1500 puffs and doesn’t require charging or refilling. Many other flavors are available, including mono flavors, fruit and berry mixtures with “cold” drink flavors (cola, energy drinks, red wine), and natural tobacco flavors. Salt nicotine is included in disposable VEIIK pods in varying amounts, but it is significantly less present than in a traditional cigarette, which is why smoking is considered safer.


VEIIK MICKO disposable vapes are popular with those who used to smoke plain tobacco cigarettes. They are less dangerous due to the minimal nicotine in their makeup, but they also make it easier to stop smoking cigarettes regularly. The device also satisfies the want to emit smoke, and the ability to choose between tastes makes the process much more fun and interesting. VEIIK disposable does not need to be changed or refilled. They already have a battery built-in with a specific capacity that gives a certain number of puffs. At the end of use, the device should be thrown out and bought another. The VeIIk Micko is one of the many well-liked vapes on the market and is a cost-effective masterpiece. Japanese genuine OCC ensures a long-lasting battery, and it is leak-proof. The device also includes a compact travel case for easy transport and storage.

How do distinguish the original from the fake, and can it be defective?

A holographic sticker and a QR code that can be read on the manufacturer’s website are both presents on each package.

The manufacturer allowed a 3 percent fault rate. Please contact us if you discover a problem after purchasing one so we can fix it.


The ease of usage of a disposable vape pen is another fantastic feature. It has a straightforward design; thus, using them doesn’t require much effort. Vaporizers are incredibly effective, despite some people’s claims to the contrary. They are designed for brief periods, but each time you use them, they will provide you with a great vaping experience.


This website features the VEIIK electronic cigarette. We encourage a safer substitute for traditional cigarettes by providing our clients with the best price and service.

Add your preferred flavors to your cart and click “Buy VEIIK Disposable UAE.” Contact our staff to learn more about the flavors or the VEIIK disposable kits!