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Myle Vape: Review and Guide

If you’re on the hunt for a new pod vaping system, Myle V4 Magnetic Device that deserves to be on your short list. Given the lower cost of the pods, Myle is undoubtedly a better value than JUUL® for long-term use. In addition, with flavours like Poundcake, Iced Coffee and Cubano, Myle has a pod selection that’s completely unique and sure to please anyone on the hunt for unusual vaping experiences.

What’s Special About the Myle Vape?

As we’ve just mentioned, the Myle vape has a lower long-term cost of ownership than the JUUL vape. That’s both because the pods cost less and because the pods contain more e-liquid. While a pack of four JUUL® pods contains 2.8 ml of total vape juice, Myle pods contain 3.6 ml of e-liquid per pack of four.

The Myle V4 Magnetic Device, being newer, also has a slightly different design that you may find a bit more upscale and modern. The edges of the Myle are slightly curved, and some people say that it feels a bit nicer in the hand compared to the JUUL®.

How to Refill Myle Pods

You might have heard that it is possible to refill JUUL pods. Well, you can refill your own Myle pods as well. If you refill your pods, the already inexpensive Myle vape becomes even cheaper to use. You can buy bottled e-liquid and refill your pods several times before you’ll need to throw them away. Here’s how you refill your Myle pods.

  • Remove the empty pod from the Myle device and pry the opaque plastic cap away from the pod’s translucent bottom. If you have trouble prying the pod apart with your fingernail, you may find it helpful to use a small screwdriver.
  • Remove the rubber gasket sealing the pod.
  • Add e-liquid to the pod until it is nearly full. Leave some room at the top, or the pod will overflow when you push the gasket back in.
  • Replace the pod’s gasket and cap.

Since you’re refilling a used pod, the pod’s wick should already be primed with e-liquid. You can resume vaping right away. Be warned that, when you refill your Myle pods, the performance will never be quite the same as what you’d get with a new pod. Refilled pods do leak occasionally, for instance, which is very rare with new pods. However, you can usually refill a Myle pod several times before the pod’s flavour begins to change for the worse.