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What is a nasty juice?

What is Nasty e-liquid? Nasty Juice Dubai is a E-liquid company that has reached worldwide fame with their range of exotic and fruity juice flavoured e-liquids. Each bottle is packaged uniquely in tin ware, with the larger bottles coming in either genuine Chubby Gorilla bottles to keep your e-liquid in great condition.
The most popular and famous Nasty Juice flavours;
  • Fat Boy – Ripe and juicy mango.
  • Bad Blood – Freshly picked blackcurrant.
  • Devil Teeth – Succulent honeydew melon.
  • Wicked Haze – A combination of juicy blackcurrant and zingy lemonade.
  • Slow Blow – A juicy mix of pineapple and lime soda.
  • A$AP Grape – Black grape and ripe berries.