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BLVK E-liquid was created with flavours in mind catered to the Adult Smoker looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Our branding embraces a community of former smokers seeking that same journey to find the right formula that made them switch.

Blvk E-juice in Dubai

With so many options for vape juice on the market, BLVK Unicorn prides itself on keeping its users informed about our premium e-juice and line of unique products. As the vape population continues to grow, so does BLVK Unicorn and we want to keep of faithful unicorns with us for the ride! How will we do that, you may be wondering! What sets BLVK Unicorn apart from other leading vape juice brands?  Well, it is as simple as this – dedication, transparency, and premium e-liquid!

Blvk E-liquid Review

We know our readers are curious about what components really qualify their vape juice as a “premium” product, so BLVK Unicorn is going to give you all the juicy details. Obviously, the number one factor that certifies your e-liquid as a high-grade product has to do with the ingredients.

Blvk E-liquid Flavours

 You know that all BLVK Unicorn juices are comprised of Vegetable Glycerines and propylene glycol, like most competitors – but you still have to take into consideration of flavour. This is one of the biggest draws to vaping, and the process for extracting and implementing the perfect flavour and scent. BLVK Unicorn has taken the time to master its flavours and create something totally unique to our brand.