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Experience Premium Vaping with Vape Dubai 120ml

If you want to save money while vaping, 120ml Vape juice is the best size. There are a variety of 120 ml vape juice packs. You can enjoy a range of 120 ml of vape varieties while reducing the shop. Vape Dubai King is committed to providing a premium experience with authentic products.

Buy Best Vape Liquid 120ml at Vape Dubai King

Common Features of Vape Dubai 120 ml

  • Bottle size-120 ml
  • Nicotine strength- 0 mg to 12 mg or higher 
  • Bottle Type-Comes with child-resistant caps

What Makes 120 ml Vape Juice Popular?

Most of the vapers prefer 120ml vape juice. This is popular among the other sizes. Here are the reasons why 120ml vape juice is popular:

  • Cost-Effective

This is a larger bottle size containing a standard quantity. This has a lower cost compared to the smaller bottles. You don’t need to refill the bottle after every few days. The cost-effective benefit makes it a popular choice among the other vapes.

  • Reduce the Need for Frequent Purchases

Vapers with higher consumption rates prefer 120ml or larger bottle sizes. The 120ml e-juice provides an extended supply of liquid that reduces the need for frequent purchases.

  • Different Flavors and Nicotine Strength

The 120ml vape comes in different flavors and nicotine strengths. As a result, you can choose the juice with your preferred flavors and nicotine strength. 

Buy Best Vape Liquid 120ml at Vape Dubai King

Flavors Available for 120ml Vape Dubai Juice

The 120 ml vape juice comes in different flavors. Here are the common flavors of 120ml vape juice: 

  • Fruit Flavors

You may experience the flavors of strawberry, blueberry, mango, watermelon, pineapple, apple, grape, or mixed fruit blends.

  • Dessert Flavors

Vapers who are fond of desserts can enjoy this flavor with their vaping. The flavors may include custard, chocolate, caramel, ice cream, cheesecake, or others. 

  • Mint Flavors

This gives a refreshing menthol or minty flavor. The mint flavor can also be combined with fruit or other elements. 

  • Tobacco Blends

This provides a traditional tobacco flavor. The flavors may include tobacco blends or other variations.

  • Sweet Flavors

The 120ml vape juice can also be found in sweet flavors like bubblegum, cotton candy, gummy bears, and various sweet treats.

  • Beverage Flavors

You can find the 120 ml juice with some beverage-inspired flavors. The flavors include coffee, cola, energy drinks, cocktails, and others.

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How Does 120 ml Vape Juice Differ from Smaller Sizes?

120ml vape juice contains 120 milliliters of liquid. This is considered a standard size to enjoy the actual vaping experience. This amount can offer more volume to the customers. This can add more volume and has better value for consumers who inhale this frequently.

The 120ml vape liquid bottle contains a larger volume than the smaller sizes. This means that you have more juice before restocking. Buying smaller bottles again and again costs more. As a result, this is considered a more cost-effective procedure than the other sizes. 

How Long does 120ml vape juice last?

If you bought a Vape Dubai 120 ml juice, you may have questions regarding the lasting power of this juice. It can depend on factors like how frequently you vape or the type of the vape. If you vape about 5-10 ml juice a day, the bottle can stay around two weeks. So, the staying power depends on the individual and the amount of vape used.


At Vape Dubai King’s 120 ml e-liquid adds a better value and more volume for the vapers. The 120 ml juice lets you choose from different flavors and nicotine strengths. Get the best vape juice from our shop and enjoy your premium vaping with our genuine products.