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Difference between Juul 1 and juul 2

Difference between Juul 1 and juul 2

Juul has distinguished itself as an innovator in the field. Juul has been constantly improving its products to meet the changing demands and tastes of its customers. In this article, we’ll examine the variations between Juul 1 and Juul 2, illustrating the development of this recognizable brand.

Juul 1: The Original design:

Juul’s first iteration had a compact, rectangular design similar to a USB flash drive. Both young adults and seasoned smokers found it appealing because of its understated and simplistic design.

Flavor Pods:

Popular flavors like Virginia Tobacco, Cool Mint, and Mango were among Juul 1’s first restricted selection of flavors. Compared to conventional e-cigarettes, these pods’ nicotine salts provided a smoother and more pleasant nicotine hit.

Nicotine Potency

5% nicotine by weight, or the amount found in a pack of cigarettes, was the norm for Juul 1 pods. Juul was a powerful aid for smokers trying to quit traditional cigarettes because of its high nicotine content.


Users of the Juul 1 may easily charge their devices by connecting them to a computer or other suitable charger, thanks to the device’s magnetic USB charger.

Draw Activation:

The original Juul gadget was draw-activated, which meant it would release vapor upon inhalation. This feature made it exceedingly simple to use, particularly for individuals quitting smoking.

Juul 2: The Evolution


The Juul 2 kept the same classic design while making minor adjustments. It has rounded edges for a more pleasant grip and greater toughness to survive daily use.

juul 2

More E-Liquid by 70%

Because each JUUL2 Pod contains 70% more e-liquid than the original JUUL, you may vape for prolonged periods without refilling. Additionally, since one should be sufficient to last the entire day, you won’t need to carry around small refill cartridges all the time.

Expanded Flavour Options:

The wonderful new JUUL2 Pods deliver a fantastic taste rush that isn’t overwhelming or too intense. Thanks to the updates, the tastes are more potent and accurate than the original JUUL Pods. The new JUUL2 Pods have something to offer every kind of vaper, whether they prefer traditional tobacco, original menthol, or a fruity twist.

Juul released Juul 2 in response to consumer requests for more flavor options. Customers may now choose from a wider range of flavors, such as Apple Orchard and Berry Lemonade.

Options for nicotine potency:

A JUUL2 pod has a total nicotine content of around 21.6 mg, and each pod contains about 1.2 ml of liquid with a nicotine strength of about 18 mg/ml. Each of the two pods in a typical JUUL2 pack has an 18 mg/ml nicotine content. This knowledge enables users to make educated decisions regarding their vaping experience by giving them a clear grasp of the nicotine levels they can anticipate from JUUL2 pods.

Additional Vapour Sensation

With the JUUL2 Vape Device, JUUL’s vapor technology has undergone a significant upgrade, offering an improved experience with more cigarette-like enjoyment. You get the cigarette feeling that transitioning smokers have always craved by using the same JUULsalt system with a stronger draw.

Charging using USB-C

Juul 2 uses the USB-C charging standard to give consumers access to faster and more dependable charging. This update fixed one of the device’s minor drawbacks.

Intelligent Temperature Control

Juul 2 features clever temperature control technologies to improve user safety and the vaping experience. This function kept the gadget from overheating, guaranteeing reliable and pleasurable vapor production.


Juul Labs’ dedication to catering to the various requirements of its users is evident in the evolution of Juul from Juul 1 to Juul 2. Juul 2 Dubai improved upon the original Juul’s elegant aesthetic and user-friendly functionality by providing more flavor options, configurable nicotine strengths, and improved technology.

Juul’s ongoing innovation guarantees a device for everyone on their journey to a smoke-free future, regardless of whether they are experienced vapers or those wanting to stop smoking.

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