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Why Does My Vape Crackle?

Popping and crackling sounds can occasionally be perfectly natural. You may frequently hear this noise when taking a hit from the vaporizer. For instance, vape crackling may occur when the coil heats the e-liquid in the vape. Additionally, popping sounds may also happen when the coil is heating up. Still, it’s essential to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your vape device. In this blog, we’ll look up the starting point of the crackling feeling that comes with vaping, with a particular emphasis on the popular Myle Vape and Myle Meta Pods.

So, what are the sounds you should listen out for?

Vaping crackling could indicate a more serious issue if it starts to happen more frequently, sounds louder, or gurgles more.

We’ve outlined some typical causes of various kinds of vape crackling noises below, along with solutions.

The Power Could Be Insufficient

Vape crackling can occasionally happen when the device’s wattage is adjusted too low. To fix this, stick to the wattage range your vape’s product guide recommends. It’s crucial to stick to this suggested wattage range when vaping.

Myle vape

Your Vape Needs Cleaning

Should the popping or crackling sounds from the vape pen seem more intense than usual, there may be a blockage in the device.

Keeping your vaporizer clean can assist in preserving airflow and clear any blockages, as well as optimize the flavor and experience you enjoy. Every time you switch up your flavors, wash your vape tank quickly. To achieve this, wash the tank in warm water and let it air dry. Just be careful to disconnect the tank from the remainder of the apparatus before proceeding.

A burnt coil may also be the cause of the cracking noises coming from your vaporizer. Another essential vape upkeep and cleaning component is changing the coil when it burns out because you cannot clean it. Changing the coil can stop the vape from cracking sounds.

Your E-Liquid Ratio

Many things influence your vaping experience, and your choice of e-liquid is just one of them. The components that make up each e-liquid will vary, including the PG/VG ratios.

While some, like Shortfills, often have a larger dose of VG, others have a 50/50 VG/PG ratio. For instance, Double Drip’s Strawberry Banana Waffle Shortfill has a 70VG/30PG composition. The PG/VG ratio may impact the e-liquid’s consistency and occasionally even its hot noises.

More vape liquids than others can produce popping and crackling sounds. This normally shouldn’t be a concern unless you’ve used an e-liquid that isn’t suitable for your device. Thus, ensure that the e-liquids you select are always appropriate for your vape device.

Design of Coils

One possible explanation for the popping and crackling sounds coming from your vaporizer is the coil design. Specific coils have a twisted or braided pattern. These kinds are more likely to accumulate vape juice, which could be the source of the noises you hear when vaping. It is better to replace a clogged coil with a new one as soon as possible.

Maintaining your vaporizer in good functioning order can be significantly aided by cleaning and maintenance practices as well as taking good care of your equipment. Your ability to resolve problems like vape crackling will improve as you gain more knowledge about your vaporizer. Making crackling noises when using a Myle Vape or Myle Meta Pods is common and not cause for concern. Just take a seat back, unwind, and relish your vaping experience!

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